Trivia Crack – Best game for your brains

Best trivia game for your brains

Rack your brains with a super hit game offering you amazing chance to compete with your friends in smartness and wit. The Trivia Crack game has won the minds of millions of fans globally and now it is your turn to find out who is smarter! By now the Trivia Crack game has been downloaded for more than 50 million times! It has one of the biggest communities online!

trivia crackThe gameplay is rather simple. There are six categories in which your knowledge will be tested and checked. Each category has its own character. To win the game you should collect all six characters giving proper answers to tricky questions. You are choosing the category by spinning Willy the Wheel. The categories are as follows on the wheel: art, history, geography, science, entertainment, sports. On spinning the wheel you will choose a category of knowledge and will be given a question from the category. Each question is followed by several optional answers you have to choose from. Be careful as the answers are the same tricky as the questions. The game is constantly added with new questions in every category of knowledge and thus you will never get bored!

The app s available for the most popular mobile platforms as iOS and Android and is not very demanding on technical part of the gadget. The performance will be smooth even on the simplest touch screen device. Moreover the game is available in different languages which are as well constantly added and updated.

Are you already excited? Of course! The Trivia Crack game is the number one trivia challenge in the United States and Canada! And do you know why? The game offers questions in the categories which are rather close to life. You will get answers which will require to rack your brains as all the options will seem to be correct. The game is a perfect intellectual time killer which you can play either on your own with an imaginable opponent or with your friends. Moreover the app is added with captivating features as chat with friends or sharing your results with your mates on social networks.

Easy to play app is very captivating. At first its design seems rather primitive, but in a matter of few spins of the wheel you will forget about everything and will enjoy the greatest adventure through different categories of knowledge. Now you can kill the time very profitably! Do you want to help the game developers? Then there is an option of translation of questions and answers to different languages! Help other people to discover the most captivating trivia game for smartphones!

However all these smart features of the game is nothing in comparison to… the game being completely free to download and play and update! Just download the game and start checking your knowledge right away! It is one of the best ways to spend time. You can as well suggest tricky questions and answers, rate questions and offer even trickier options! Face the greatest intelligence challenge!