How to Play Crossy Road

Crossy-Road-2Crossy road is like a Frogger game. You can use one of several characters on a never-ending highway ride. During the ride, you can meet some difficulties. You can go far on your ride if you survive all the challenges you encounter on your way. The character would be dodging eagles, trains, cars, trucks, and various other hazards. Surviving the threats is not an easy task; you would require different strategies, cheats, tips, and hints to survive for a long time. Here are a few tips and cheats that could help you.

Crossy Road Cheats

If your goal is to attain high scores, it is better to play the game in the landscape mode. Landscape is better than portrait mode, because it helps get a full view of the screen. For a more comfortable play, you can choose the portrait mode. Landscape mode helps you see the dangers and traffic ahead, this would help you to plan.

In crossy road game play, you could die. In this type of game, there are plenty of deaths; this means that death is inevitable. You have to work out how to avoid premature death. There are different ways you can die in this game, they include:

  • Falling into a stream
  • Being run over by a truck or train
  • Being abducted by animals like an eagle and so on

You have to avoid everything that could lead to your premature death. One major trick is to aim for the grass. This is the safest area you can play without being killed easily by any moving object like train or truck. Lily pads and grassy medians provide that safety. If you are not standing on grass, you have to be very alert and be mindful of things coming close to you.

Use fast taps to escape from dangers. You should learn how to power your way out of danger. Crossy roads require planning and time to be executed. If you are endangered in a road path, get yourself out of danger by moving fast out of the straight line. However, you should always count the taps before crossing to avoid being hit. You have to count to determine the number of taps you will cross. It does not make sense to cross one tap only to be hit on another tap. It is important to plan for various obstacles you would come across as each obstacle has its escape strategy.

You can cross roads, rivers, and rails in the course of the game play. You have to adopt different tricks to cross each of them. If you want to cross a road, you should take your time and master the traffic direction. It will maintain that direction for the same type of vehicle. When you master this, it would help you to escape or to cross the road when you are trapped in the middle. Turning back can be a good escape strategy when you are finding it difficult to cross the road.

If you want to cross a river, take your time and consider the direction of logs. If you spot any lily pad nearby, take refuge there and plan for future movement.

If you want to cross a railroad, check whether the light is on. When it is on, it is an indication that a train is on the way. If a train has just moved, it would take some seconds for another train to pass; this is the safest time to cross the road.

Crossy Road Characters

If you want to go far in this game, you should have a set out goal and select a character you can drive to achieve the goal. Certain characters are good for different goals. Spend some time to learn about various characters and the type of goals you can achieve with each. You can choose one from fifty characters available.

The type of character you choose is important because in this game you have to play it with sounds. Various characters have different sounds. It is advisable to select a character that does not distract you. Some noiseless characters you can use include swift snail, gray bunny, and capybara. These are perfect for crossy road run.



When you master these tricks, learn all the characters, how to use these characters, and finally plan your game, you would derive enormous fun from crossy road games.

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